A great phase ends and other one begins

Posted by Miguel Catalan on December 15, 2016

A great phase ends and other one begins

I have been trying to write those words for a few days, and finally I have found the time to do it.

Many times, when someone leaves a company to work somewhere else, they usually do it because they are not comfortable in their current jobs, don’t feel like is the right place or have frictions with other coworkers. My case is quite the opposite I’m afraid.

I have to admit I didn’t work for 200 companies, but I like to consider that I know how companies works. Since the first phone call when I apply for the job offer at Avantgarde IT, until the last beer shared with the team, I felt this one…has something special.

And that something I really believe is the people and the mindset this company have. It’s horribly hard to look them has a teammates instead of family members. We shared much, laugh a lot and drank too many times together. I meet great persons there, friends I hope I will keep no matter what company I work for.

It was a tough decision, believe me, specially when precisely the company partners are the first to believe, support and trust in you.

I begun as a simply Android developer writing shitty code to become the head of the innovation department in my third month up to end as a Technical Lead being the safe net of every tech team in less than a year. I never asked for those promotions, but the hell I busted my ass to fill the shoes in those positions.

When one of those partners, contacts your new company just to tell them they hired one hell of a professional, one fs the best they have had to quote some lines… says much of him, and his company.

I can’t thank them enough for all the trust, the help and the opportunities I have had in Avantgarde. I’m sure we will stay in contact.

So long and thanks for all the fish